Republican Jesus NFT Launch Coming Soon!

Welcome to Republican Jesus NFT Club! Check the NFTs out on Opensea! (Launch date to be announced.) ….

You may have seen the Republican Jesus memes, you may have even joked about it with friends and family. Now you can own a piece of this popular meme history!

Think about the success of other NFT projects and what makes them explode: viral content and community. This is just the beginning! And, frankly this is an “experiment in controversial community building.”

Why is this NFT project any different? Well, first off, the artist F.A. Chekki noticed that there was a large space for NFTs in this “meme community.” From the looks of it no one has gone forward with launching anything meaningful in terms of a project for Republican Jesus NFTs yet. This may be because people know that a lot of individuals and groups are going to get pissed off; and as such, you lose a lot of potential collectors and narrow your potential buyers. But in any business success often comes from seeking out and targeting niche groups and those with an affinity for a certain product, service, or in the case of NFTs: a concept. Thus, it is time to unleash The Republican Jesus NFT Club, which is both a project and a collection of non-fungible tokens that each bear the image of Jesus, but as with the Republican Jesus memery these NFTs are packing! The variety of NFTs will vary in color, weaponry, and attire.

How will this project stand out? As with any other new NFT project, the growth of this project depends on the interest in it and the number of owners as well as new owners entering and buying in over time. Imagine owning an NFT that is sure to troll and agitate those on the side of religious hypocrisy and corruption! One thing this artist has learned is that “controversy sells.” If this project can grow and the media catches on that people are making money on a meme concept that was designed to point out how certain folks have perverted the New Testament to recast Jesus as a “champion of political violence” (Christian Jihadism), i.e. the mascot of the Vanilla ISIS, Gravy Seals, and the run-of-the-mill gun-toting mental midgets of the far right, then success is almost guaranteed. In closing, one of the most powerful things can be an idea. The idea here is to artfully and (hopefully) lucratively capitalize on the Republican Jesus meme/concept and to develop the theme into bigger and better things as the project evolves and grows over time.

Granted, some may throw their tantrums and rage against it all, this artist will be unapologetic to the end, and hopefully all the collectors will be laughing to the bank.

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