Republican Jesus NFT Club Soft Launch (Gallery)

The success of Doge and Shiba Inu are a testament to the power of “meme based community building” and they demonstrate what a cohesive and loyal community can do to create wealth for many people. Think about it: what was in the beginning just a popular dog meme became capitalized upon to create two historic cryptocurrency projects – one piggybacked on the other – and which are now worth over $30 billion combined!

The time is drawing near to the January 22, 2022 Soft Launch of the Republican Jesus NFT Project. Here are the 13 NFTs that will be included in the launch. Additional details will be posted on our Discord Server at Be sure to check on the Opeasea collection for how to purchase: Excitement is building up and we are getting tremendous feedback from folks on social media both on Reddit and Twitter! People definitely want to obtain free NFTs in the giveaways, but that is to be expected in this hot and frenzied emerging market!

New NFT projects need to stand out. We definitely think that Republican Jesus NFT Club accomplishes that! One thing we want to stress is that we do not want to be the project that overpromises and under delivers. So we are staying true to our roadmap and vision for his project and as such want to remind all that this is an artist and community driven endeavor. And while our community is just starting to grow, remember that it takes time to develop and market a new NFT project to reach sales goals and values.

If you missed the giveaway on January 11 you will have a chance to purchase the exclusive NFT drop that is not included in this 13. There will be a very attractive price for a limited time, but there will be a very limited supply. So be sure not to miss the drop before the soft launch event.

In close, the Republican Jesus NFT Club/project is built upon many of the same principles or the same foundation as DOGE and SHIB, but as applied to NFTs. Read our whitepaper to find out more! Once the word really gets out on this, we anticipate that much prosperity will result for all of those involved. Thank you for your support!

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