Soft Launch Date: 01.22.22: Update on Republican Jesus NFT in the Metaverse

Mark you calendar for 01.22.22, Saturday. On that day Republican Jesus NFT Club will be minting and offering up for sale 13 unique NFTs! Simply go to to start collecting.

About the mint: a) it is a low supply mint, b) each NFT is artist created and is also a primer for what is to come. Starting in February there will be like in January an exclusive drop followed by the larger drop with multiple NFTs to chose from.

Moreover, and now is the time to reveal, Republican Jesus NFT Club is not only a collectible NFT it is an NFT Avatar you can use for your alter-ego online! Feel empowered to buy and share your NFT by making it your very own social media avatar! Ownership of these soft launch NFTs and by purchasing those available direct from the artist gives to the owners more than just a funny and cool avatar to display to the world: owners of these special NFTs will get exclusive access to airdrops and offers, and eventually that will widen to more lucrative things that will come down the pipeline! As Republican Jesus NFT Club and its ecosystem evolve within the Metaverse, NFT owners can unlock the potential value of this art investment. Future giveaways may also be contingent on owning one of these first edition NFTs!

One question people will be sure to ask is “what about those who got a giveaway?” There are only 2 NFTs included in the 13 soft launch that was offered as a freebie. #1 MAGA Jesus and #2 Leisure Suit Jesus (with the diamond.) Outside of these are the 2 exclusive NFTs, Business Suit Jesus (with the Confederate Flag background) and the Discord Jesus for those who joined the Discord prior to the 01.22.22 launch. That being the case, giveaway NFTs are truly a lucky gem to own as these NFTs are still eligible for the same access that paid for NFT owners will get. However, the plan in motion (as you will see in the updated parchment paper/whitepaper) is to award the NFT owners who own an NFT with the highest value more rewards and access than the others. So , for instance, there would be a threshold: once one pays for an NFT at let’s say .5 ETH (as the numbers are not final) that threshold would award the new owner of the NFT access that was not there before. What this does is provide owners of the NFTs at lower values a selling point for a new owner interested in the collection. And this threshold will be accompanied by higher tiers until eventually there is a zenith and the top dollar owners enter what will be in the Metaverse: “Heaven.” Those owners with high value NFTs at the top threshold will in essence be like majority share holders and will thus receive the greatest “dividends.” The website will be updated with the rewards and access program for NFT owners here in the near future and that will coincide with the updated whitepaper.

The above will take time and a number of transactions, revenue building, to get there. In the meantime NFT owners will have open access to display there NFTs anywhere to promote the project and they will have open reproduction rights. Meaning, an NFT owner can do online galleries and art shows to promote the project, and if an NFT owner wants to sell merch using the NFTs images and profit off of the asset using, for example, or other similar sites, they are free to do so without having to apply for the copyright transfer. (There will be another post here about copyright assignment and why that matters and how that works.)

In addition, we are currently exploring as our metaverse exhibition experience of choice, which was an excellent suggestion by one of the members of the community. Hosting events and shows with the Republican Jesus NFTs can also be planned and held using their free to join and use option. Down the road we can look at their paid Pro-option and give access to members using that as well so that they can untap more of what this very promising site has to offer. But in terms of resources to promote and shill our project, we have, and we are very excited about that as that is something here in the short-term that can be accomplished.

In closing, we are very excited about the 01.22.22 Soft Launch, and the reason it is a “soft” launch is because it is a first edition, pilot if you will, for the project. And the data and feedback we get from it will help guide the project down the road. There are no expectations of a fast selling out, but anything is possible. We are still a small and growing community, but our Discord is around 1335 members at the moment. We hope you will join there and find out more! Finally, a special thanks to those in the Discord, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, where the genesis of this community started as without you we would not even be here today!

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