We Soft Launched During a Crypto Nose Dive

Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new lows since their peaks in 2021, and it had to be right when we launched our collection on Opensea. But this soft launch was never expected to be about a blockbuster moment on the NFT market. It was, rather, about getting our name out there and putting out some pieces for people to see and speculate on as far as where this “experiment in controversial community building.”

With crypto holders likely staking and waiting for a market recovery NFTs become harder to sell, especially when you are the new, “grassroots” project on the bock. Those who sold and who are either sitting on profits or losses will be careful and calculated for where they reposition their investments. Some may leave crypto for the time being as well. And again, being just over a month old new project does not lure a lot of potential buyers. Not to mention, we are still building the community and getting our name out there, so many buyers likely do not even know about us, yet.

The Discord giveaway ended on 01.22.2022 but there is a shilling event going on for those who are members. If you have not joined our server yet go to: https://discord.com/invite/td87Yyp4pc The giveaway can be viewed at:


A few things to update everyone with: 1) updated whitepaper coming, 2) special exclusive drop on 02.12.22, and 3) February drop coming 02.26.22. The goal is to introduce some new “avatars” and new assets that will attract people to the project. As the collection grows we hope to see more sales and hype surround the Republican Jesus NFT Club. Thank you all for your kind support!

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