February Drops, General Updates, and Revised Whitepaper | #growyouravatar

If you have been paying attention to this project, and have been active in our Discord server, you may have already seen that on Feb. 12th and on Feb. 22nd, 2022, Republican Jesus NFT Club will be repeating the cycle from January. So to reiterate, the first drop of the month is a special NFT in combination with a giveaway to promote the project. And the larger lot of NFTs – also with a giveaway – then following (3 or so) will drop the weekend following. Weekends tend to be optimal times for these events and we will keep with that as a tradition.

The feedback, frankly, has been tremendous. The Discord server grows daily, so are Reddit and the other social media for the project. It has been a lot of fun as well! From the Discord and other giveaways, a small community is building, and the pulse I get from folks involved is that they love the project and are enjoying being a part of it. As such, thank you to all of you for shilling and promoting, or as we have adopted the term “evangelizing,” Republican Jesus NFT Club.

Starting just over two weeks ago we started doing the Sunday Airdrop Parties. Anyone in the Discord can join this channel and just by being present and shilling, talking about on social media, is all it takes to get an NFT! It also has been fun and helps build the community. We will continue also with this tradition as it really is one of those activities in Discord groups that works and keeps things “alive.” The Reddit group has grown to over 600 members as well, and have a giveaway dedicated to this online community as well. People absolutely love this NFT!

Just wait! There is more! We have the “show us your avatar” giveaway! This is a great opportunity for owners and supporters of the NFT to show off their NFT as their social media, gaming, or other avatar. It supports and promotes the project, and can be fun too. We have already seen a good number in our community using their Republican Jesus NFT as their avatar, and it’s great! Thanks for doing that as well everyone I have seen in the Discord. Those NFTs given were well deserved.

This leads me to the next things, which are the future for this project. The February drop is appropriately being nicknamed “Grow your Avatar.” Not only can you win airdrops with your NFT being used as your social media or other avatar, you will eventually be able to get access to private channels in the Discord that will lead to special offers and prizes only for those members! Right now we are still growing, and when we reach certain benchmarks we will update the community about this.

As we are trying to incentivize people to use the NFTs as avatars, the February drops have been intentionally designed to offer NFT art that people can enthusiastically connect to pop-culture and other popular genres, like with our Joker and Rambo Jesus. What is more, as we grow and revenues hit certain benchmarks, the avatars will tie into gaming, and the fun online card game we have planned for down the road.

Finally, we have a new and revised whitepaper up. I will just direct you and post here below to read. We have more plans than just selling a lucrative brand of NFTs. We want collectors, and we want to reward collectors. Read the revised whitepaper, or as we call it “parchment paper” to find out more!

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