February 19th “Grow Your Avatar” Collection Has Dropped!

So as to “anoint” and commemorate the date, February 19, 2022, I wanted to remind everyone that 13 new Republican Jesus NFT Club NFTs dropped on Opeasea at https://opensea.io/collection/-republican-jesus

In addition, there is one bonus NFT you can find there as well, which is a fun one for the anime crowd! The reason for the nickname, “Grow Your Avatar,” for this series is actually quite important. And if you are in our Discord you will know! There is a channel specifically dedicated to those who use a RJNC NFT as their social media, gaming, or other avatar; and it’s only those folks who are eligible for special airdrops in the Discord in the form of NFT prizes. This is, these gifts are exclusively for those who display their cool new avatars in the dedicated channel there!

Do not miss out at least on joining the Discord for your chance to also win the “Very Proud Boy” and “Action Hero Jesus” NFT airdrops as well! You got to be in it (that is the Discord) to win it!

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