AMA 3/19/22 2:30PM CST, USA, and Project Updates

As things have gotten so busy and I am in full creative mode right now to meet our deadlines, I will keep it short and sweet! First of all, the Republican Jesus NFT Club is holding its first LIVE AMA! The even will be held in our virtual gallery at:

(Kudos to one of my mods and friends who introduced this to me!) Now, if you are in our Discord, which you can join at, you will likely have heard of the news. I am hoping this reaches people out there in the world at large because I want people to “ask me anything!” Well, about the Republican Jesus NFT Club! And I will take some questions about me, the artist, of course.

The talk and the “good word” for the AMA will be in the virtual gallery, but you will need to use the link above for, and luckily it is free to sign up. Once you are in the gallery you will be able to hear me and the mods speak about the overview of the project and highlights from the whitepaper. Please post questions, however, in the AMA text channel in the Discord. (Access that here: ) Here you will see NFTs from the project displayed in our little corner in the Metaverse! How cool is that?

Sales of the NFTs are happening! And I am happy to see that happen in our first quarter. While it is only a .26 ETH start, I am elated by the fact that folks are wanting to buy NFTs in what really is an experimental project! As before, and as stated in our whitepaper, “we are an experiment in controversial community building!”

Also mark your calendar for our big drop in the 2nd half of the month, 3/26/22! “Origins” is dropping with an eclectic set of new NFTs for sale, and these NFTs will foreshadow more of what is to come as our main character, J.H.C., is developed. In addition, Thursday, March 17th we also have our holiday special NFT that is already up on Opensea:

This is a fun NFT for St. Patrick’s Day, and for people of Irish ancestry, well, you may really want to grab one of these NFTs!

Finally, I would like to remind folks that we have several ongoing giveaways in our Discord! So you really ought to join! We have a truly kick-ass giveaway for April where members of the Discord can suggest an NFT to make for the April drops and whoever gets the most likes will have their NFT created, minted, and they will get one as the prize! If you buy an NFT in March we also have a giveaway for that as well! Screenshot the NFT you purchased and post in the Discord channel dedicated to the “poly lotti” as we have a Polygon lottery for those who bought an NFT from the artist’s collection! (Initially this will be $50.00 in Polygon – updates to follow depending on entries.) Last but not least, and you will find this in our Discord too, I am taking commission artwork offers where I will create an NFT of your choosing either to fit into one of our monthly collection big drops or just for one’s own personal NFT collection, whereas you will be the owner of the NFT with my “artist label” on the token. The prices for these may vary, but I promise they will be very reasonable. I am also considering a royalty for someone who wants a Republican Jesus NFT commission made and completes the order, and as such I would share in the profits of the NFT sales! More to come on this last piece as it’s still in development. Hope to see you in our Discord soon!

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