RE: Republican Jesus NFT “Origins”

I wanted to drop a quick note on the 3.26.22 “Big Drop” of the Republican Jesus NFT Club’s latest series of new NFTs for sale on : “Origins.” As you may or may not know there are two drop dates each month, the first half of the month features “The Special” drop and the second half of the month features the “Big Drop.” The cycle is then to have a continued release of newly minted NFTs each month. This way the collectors have something to look forward to on a consistent basis, and it definitely helps to build some hype throughout the year as well.

Giveaways and “outside the story-line” NFTs are essential “specials.” These are fun, crowd pleasers, and crowd favorites. Additionally, the story-line is a string of NFTs that tie into the fan-fiction that is evolving from and around the inspiration for this project, the genre of popular jokes and polemics in the pantheon of “Republican Jesus” memes. Ultimately, the art and development is meant to create an “ecosystem” of NFTs that not only play into what the community loves and enjoys in terms of the visual digital images, but also to play into the long term plans for the NFTs.

Eventually, following steady revenue flow and sufficient resources in line with the long-term planning in our whitepaper, we want to develop an online card game that plays similarly to Magic the Gathering. The vision is for the NFTs to link to the actual cards which would include the ability or functionality used in gameplay. So, in short NFTs down the road would be the card-back and front with text that spells out what the card does; for instance, take Alien Jesus and link to playing card which displays strike power and defense power, add in ability such as “Alien Jesus” has freeze (any Jesus that blocks cannot attack or block next turn). If you played Wizard of the Coast’s MTG you will get the idea. More to come on this. I wanted to mainly point out what is to hopefully come once we have the means to make it happen.

And so I digress! “Origins” follows, then, “Grow Your Avatar” that dropped in February of 2022. The flavor and them of this set reflects Republican Jesus throughout the ages – from before time up to the Middle-Ages. It is like a “primer” or “trailer” for the story of how God’s chosen has visited the Earth in His many forms to do His will to shape the history of man-kind. But in our case Republican Jesus is not arriving at different epochs to spread the message of love. Rather, He is arriving to drop names and kick ass in a proverbial sense. It is no coincidence that Genghjesus Kahn, who ravaged Asia and Europe in the 13th century A.D., is a Republican Jesus character. As you can see, there is some satire and play on both history and memery here. I mean, Jesus riding a dinosaur? Check out the memes. I just rendered the concept to fit within our storyline. Frankly, that is also part of the fun of it all, and I think it makes cool art!

I hope you all enjoy this new series! Next month the plan is to do a sci-fi favored series with a lot of new and fun NFTs. Come join us in our Discord to get all the latest updates and to join this super fun community! (Invite link:

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