“Action Jesus” – Our New Video Game: Moving Full Steam Ahead Toward P2E!

I will be writing more about this huge announcement very soon in a full length blog post discussing the upcoming 4.30.22 drop, “Republican Jesus: Through the Blackhole,” but I have to get the word out now! We have a freaking video game folks! And play to earn will eventually be coming!

First off: go to http://republicanjesus.info/republican-jesus-nft-club-gods-arcade here to check out how to download the game to test it out and learn how to play! There will be some tweaks and addition following game testing, but you are free to contact us in our Discord to give any feedback or to seek help downloading. https://discord.gg/szp3WgEedb

Second, for the play to earn feature you can buy an “arcade token” NFT now in the pre-sale for only $10.00! Go to Crypto.com and our NFT store: Republican Jesus Arcade Game Token The token you see is just for “Action Jesus” and there will be more information regarding it as well in the Discord. The most important thing to keep in mind is that each game we release will have its own NFT token and if you want to earn rewards rather than play for fun you must have a game token! And the more tokens you own for a particular game means the greater your share of the winnings! More to come on this …

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