Project Still in the Making: Important Update

Going forward The Republican Jesus NFT Project, which is very much a project at this stage, will be continuing further development of the art and essentially fund raising for future plans as outlined in the whitepaper. Unfortunately, we have had to narrow our community to only those who share our ideals and values.

We are a community driven project, an “art project,” and we appreciate all that our community members contribute to our project that are in line with our vision and philosophy. However, before any project “blossoms” into a business things tend to remain in the slow cranking “incubator” until they can be fully developed and marketed to the public at large.

For now we have to start all over with our gaming plans and hopefully one day we will have a good replacement for what we have worked on before the time of this blog post. NFT projects and communities are what they are in their infancy, and my focus for now is still the art and gaining new members who appreciate the meme based aspects of what we/I do!

I want to make clear that we are not a MAGA supporting project despite any appearances that may be perceived by our title, “The Republican Jesus NFT Project.” As such we only want those who believe in the vision of what we do and share our common philosophies on politics. There is no room in our community nor in our basic covenants that surround our community for those who support MAGA or anyone related to this movement. We view MAGA in our opinion as a criminal enterprise and while some may have the right to support this movement, we are not obligated to support it nor anyone who is a part of it. In light of recent events whereas the FBI raided the residence of former President Donald J. Trump, we take this event as very serious, especially considering the ongoing investigation of the January 6th Committee. Numerous individuals have been prosecuted and are still being prosecuted for the events leading up to and during the January 6th, 2021, insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol building. Accordingly, it is my view at least, given I am the artist, that anyone who politically supports Donald Trump or the MAGA faction of politics poses irreconcilable differences with my views; and these views are imbued in the art itself.

It is important to define what we are about, and if you have read the whitepaper (“parchment paper,”) then you know that we are a farce and satire of politically imbued content, as seen in the public domain Republican Jesus memes. This project stands fundamentally opposed to MAGA and everything that MAGA is! And our community is well within its rights to limit its members to those who also share the opposing viewpoints of the MAGA movement. So keep in mind too that while an art project this is also a community of like-minded individuals.

As the artist of this project, unfortunately, I regret to inform folks that we are discontinuing our development of Raptor Run Online as part of our ecosystem, and this includes any other creations related to this game or that originate from its creator, which we at all times relevant recognize as assets that were still in development. All links and references thereto have been removed from this site and will be taken down from social media as soon as possible. As a measure of good faith we will abandon any claims to the pixel art that were used in the game so that any work done on that separate enterprise does not go to waste. Likewise we will abandon any ideas that we may have contributed to the game recognizing that they should belong to its “main architect.” Finally, we are making no claims to said game nor any other game creations nor other internet nor web creations that originate from the game’s creator’s work and work-product. The Republican Jesus NFT project is limited to this website and its art on Opensea, and we will be discontinuing game tokens that would otherwise be available on

Again, we remind all of those of interest that we are a community of individuals and The Republican Jesus NFT Project is still merely an artist creation of NFTs. And while the artist governs over the social media and art itself, the mission and purpose as outlined in the whitepaper, the artist neither has created any official business entities nor has he incorporated any business entities either in the state of Texas or elsewhere. Any official business done with the artist must be done so in signed writings via lawful agreements duly executed in the respective states where any business may be done. By official business, contracts for goods and services and related matters are contemplated herein.

Moreover, we, being an artist governed project, would like to remind all that a project such as ours takes significant time to reach a viable point where it makes sense to invest in making it a business. That is our hope one day for the future. And after we fundraise more with our NFTs we will be developing games and other assets that work well in our ecosystem. For now we keep at it in terms of getting the art out there and rebuilding our community.

P.S. It was with a heavy heart to make the significant changes that we made recently as a community and wish all those who were involved with our community well in all of their endeavors.

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