As an artist, one can become so wrapped-up in a vision or passion that one starts to ignore the audience or otherwise leaves them waiting for something. And that “something”
may be “backed by popular demand.” So without further ado, and as I am always listening to the community behind the project at large, I present to you META-MESSIAH NFTS dropping on by October, 2022.

(Collection at

A brief primer: the first two collections to drop under the Meta-Messiah NFT project in association with the Republican Jesus NFT Club, are “The Lord of the Lords” and “Holy Mamas!” In all each will comprise 100 A.I. generated images that are inspired by the original RJNC NFTs, following the same thematic favor and feel.

Now, I must preface this new venture with the disclaimer that while I do not believe that A.I. generated art has the same value as human artist created images, the law here is very much in a nebulous infancy. We do not know what the future holds, and it is possible that the law will recognize the human interfacing with the A.I. plugging in the key words to create an image as an action that generates the original content. Thus, the novelty and originality are copyrightable as the A.I. did not generate the image simply on its own volition or whimsy. So, these new NFTs – for now – will not have the same unlockable copyright offer for partial intellectual property ownership as many of the original RJNC NFTs have.

I am not against A.I. as a means of evolving an ecosystem for an NFT project, and by no means do I want to abandon doing original pixel art or other art to add into the ecosystem. However, we are at a juncture, especially now as the crypto bear market comes to an end soon, to start a “reinvention” and another layer of branding for ourselves. We want the ecosystem to grow and thrive!

The Meta-Messiah NFT collection also takes on a deep spiritual meaning in that while the viewer of the art may either love or hate them they may not know that the artist behind the project has a deeper meaning. In the New Testament Jesus states in Luke 17:21 “The kingdom of God is within you.” I believe, as do others, that there is divinity in us all. We can all be messiahs or those who see the “kingdom of God” inside themselves and who work tirelessly in their lives to help make a heaven on earth. “Messiahs” come to save a people or for a cause. “Meta” means beyond. Meta-Messiah NFTs ask one to see beyond themselves and what lies within, a “God hero” is inside us all, and Jesus recognized that in urging us all to live as he did. And deeper yet, there is divinity in everything. One may call “divinity” the consciousness or “god-head.” The One that we all are both intimately connected to as both “the One” in our true essence and the “subjective many” in our mortal, temporary lives on earth.

Art beckons the viewer at times to take a look at the world and/or oneself. Art can bring one into the mind of the creator or into a world of “pure imagination.” Art and life, the playfulness and frolic that arise from both – and in this new age of the internet and the blockchain – elevates the human spirit in what is a new paradigm. That new paradigm is emerging in our ever constant connectivity to information and the internet of all things, and basically the “cybernetic integration” of cyberspace with the human mind. NFTs take on an interesting dimension: they can be just art or art with utility. From the cave drawing illuminated by the fires of early humankind, “the modern information age cave drawing,” NFT, is grafted by zeros and ones, is digitally coded, and is illuminated by an LED screen. We are experiencing art in a new way my friends, and change comes with much resistance. I hope you will be a part of our journey and our community by purchasing one of our NFTs. An updated whitepaper will explain more following the launch.

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