Launch Date Announcement!!!

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come! The official launch date for the Republican Jesus NFTs, series 1, consisting of the first 10 original art pixel images, is planned for …. (drum-roll please ….) : 01/11/2022!!!! This will be a short run mint! So, #1 through #10 will drop on January 11, 2022, and will likely sell out quickly. But do not panic! On 01/11/2022 we will announce the date of the 2nd mint run in series 1. It will drop fast and it will include some cool additions to this meme-based NFT collection.

Hate high gas fees? Well, the Republican Jesus NFT project/collection will be available on the Polygon network on

(“By working with OpenSea, Polygon is helping bring NFTs to the world. The integration of Polygon with OpenSea offers users with a seamless purchasing and minting experience. Partly due to Polygon’s low transaction fees.“)

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