Pre-Launch Marketing Phase

Below are two important dates to keep track of, but to keep the Republican Jesus NFT Club interested parties up to date the project is in its pre-launch marketing phase. Marketing is a never ending necessity for the success of any business enterprise, and in this ever growing and competitive landscape marketing is certainly, without a doubt, key.

There will be some prizes for those who help market the project. To receive an NFT at no cost to you you need to do 2 things, 1) if you have not already done so, open up a Metamask wallet as this is a Polygon NFT on Opensea, and 2) if you have not done so, start sharing those posts on social media and invite people to like, follow, and share, specifically the RJNC official social media accounts/posts. Here are the links for your convenience:





January 11, 2022 – Kicking off the launch with an exclusive NFT drop! A few lucky winners will get a no cost NFT from this drop sent to their wallet. Influencers who help us get the project out there will be selected. Also, this will be a 24 hour drop! After 01.01.22 the exclusive NFT will no longer be available. If it sells out quick, we may offer a 2nd drop depending on how much demand there is. On this date we will announce the 3rd drop in the official launch with some special series NFTs that will be sure to catch some eyes!

January 22, 2022 – Soft Launch. Simply, there will be 13 unique NFTs, #1- #13. They will be dropped in sequence and quantities will be revealed that day. We want to keep supply within calculated metrics to help enhance the value of the NFTs.

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